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New Song: Tami Roman aka Tatiana Trill – ‘No Pressure’

Tami Roman‘s taking it back to where it all started:  the music.

The reality TV diva – whose 2019 has been dominated by headlines for ventures into acting, directing, and business – has dusted off her mic for the official unveiling of her Rap alter ego, Tatiana Trill.


Fans of the ‘Basketball Wives’ star’s Web series, #BonnetChronicles, are no strangers to Trill as the 49-year-old has showcased her bars on multiple occasions on the platform.  Now, she’s inviting listeners to take a full on listen to her newest effort, ‘No Pressure.’

Hear it inside:

Preview the music video here:

Speaking to our friends at TheSource just a few weeks ago, Roman gave insight into the introduction of Trill:

“Tatiana Trill is a rapper and people are gonna see some of that journey play out on this season of basketball wives. It was work because I haven’t been in the studio since 1994. I haven’t opened my mouth to rap since 1994. My daughter Jazz reminded me of that. She made so much fun of me. She was like “We gotta get out of this honey. It ain’t 1994. We gotta bring you to 2019.” So I enlisted her to be my writer and my muse during this journey. It’s just me having a good time and fulfilling something that I felt was open-ended and continuing to evolve.

Be prepared because she’s nasty. She is sexy. Somebody heard one of the tracks and said: “ok now this is city girlz in 30 years”. So maybe some of the things that she says, Tami Roman would never say but because she’s an alter ego, another character of mine, she’s saying it all.”

Article written by Rashad #ThatGrapeJuice

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