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NIKEiD PG 2 Designs | Sole Collector

The Nike PG2 launched early last year, beginning with the Playstation colorway in February and concluding when the PG 2.5 was introduced in June. Included in the run were ACG, March Madness, OKC and Mamba Day inspired colorways, but sneakerheads couldn’t resist cooking up their own flavors using NIKEiD.

We rounded up the 50 best NIKEiD PG2 designs last April, but with its popularity and affordable price tag, the PG2 has been subjected to a countless number of makeovers since. So, as Nike turns the page on the model, we’ve listed another 50 great designs in the gallery below.

If you’re still interested in designing your own PG2, the model is still available to customize for $130 at, but likely won’t be available much longer.

Article written by Brandon Richard #SoleCollector

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