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Rahli Puts Dellwood On The Map With The “In and Out” Video

Shot in Dellwood area of St. Louis, Missouri, Rahli’s “In and Out” music video is an introduction of sorts -for a rapper on the cusp of greater recognition. The issue of Rahli’s upward projection is not a matter of if but when, and how soon?

The STL native owes much of his early recognition to “Born Bae Bae” a song which has taken up a storm within the regional circuit. Its success was enough to land him major coverage with Complex and a bounty of resources. For Rahli the plan is to keep working towards completing his major debut, fittingly named after a local deli (Dellwood Market), as depicted in the “In and Out” video. 

St. Louis is living up to its billing as a historical breeding ground for American arts & culture dating back a century. Ever so often, STL artists like Valee, ChaseTheMoney, Smino, and most recently Rahli, have emerged from obscurity with “a quality” unique to them, and them alone. For one, Rahli’s willingness to alter his flow, oftentimes with “staccato” nerve-endings, is candy to my ears and hopefully yours. Keep it locked for more.

Quotable Lyrics

These 22’s stay in my pocket, they watching my waist.

– Rahli

Article written by Devin Ch #HotNewHipHop

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