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Lil Nas X Discusses Backlash After Coming Out / Gets Support From Nelly, Dwyane Wade, Cardi B & More

‘It was something I was never [going to reveal] ever…just take it to the grave.’

The quote above was lifted from rapper Lil Nas X‘s first televised interview after stunning the music world by coming out of the closet.


The announcement – which the 20-year-old lifted to Twitter on June 30 (‘Gay Pride Day’) – may have been met with overwhelming support for the ‘Old Town Road’ hitmaker, but there were still some who opted to respond with disappointment and even lend homophobic remarks (click here to read). X hit back at the detractors online, but in a recent interview with our friends at BBC he went into detail about how the backlash that followed his big reveal affected him.

Hear it all from him inside:

The video above surfaced after the young star received a wave of support from fellow celebrities including the likes of rapper Nelly (credited as one of the first rappers to combine Hip Hop and Country), basketballer Dwyane Wade, and more.


Cardi B recently made headlines for having X join her on stage in London for this weekend’s ‘Wireless’ festival.  Taking to Twitter after the event, the Grammy winner stated:

When actress Laverne Cox was quizzed on her thoughts about X’s coming out, she said she hopes it encourages other closeted Hip Hop stars to follow suit:

Article written by Rashad #ThatGrapeJuice

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