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Buzzing NYC-Bred Songstress Raveena Drops Debut Project “Lucid”

New York City songstress Raveena recently unveiled her debut project, Lucid. The project is timely considering the singer’s budding success along the year which includes a notable performance on the well-known music channel, Colors. The singing sensation rose to prominence after the release of the single “If Only” and now she continues to wow with her vocal prowess with this debut project. The body of work is true of a lucid dream and emphasizes its title through the dreamy and euphoric tracklist. Raveena’s voice is angelic, unique and capable of rocking you into the next nebula. Each song was perfectly selected to induce listeners in a dream-like state. 

Of the many tracks part of the project, we find a variety of melodies which although different keep us in a trance. The topics discussed in the project include self-love, love, heartbreak, sex and more. Raveena is indubitably an artist to be on the lookout for in the future. 


1. Hypnosis

2. Nectar

3. Stronger

4. Salt Water

5. Stone

6. Stone (Reprise)

7. Mama

8. Bloom

9. Floating (feat. Hope Tala)

10. Still Dreaming

11. Nani’s Interlude

12. Petal

Article written by Aida C. #HotNewHipHop

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