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The Boondocks is Back! | 2DOPEBOYZ

If the show had lasted to this day…

For those so young that they’ve never seen the strip (which is understandable, considering that the very first publication it was in — The Source — barely exists at this point), Aaron McGruder‘s The Boondocks is widely considered one of the most groundbreaking comics in Black culture. Anchored by Huey, Riley and Robert Freeman, the strip took on and skewered everything from politics to pop culture. Ultimately, the strip became an animated series on [adult swim], completing four seasons before ending in 2014.

Since then we’ve not seen much, but out of nowhere McGruder decided to surprise us all with all-new strips for the first time in years. “Did these for fun (and to see if I still could),” Mcgruder said via Charlemagne’s Instagram, where the comics made their debut. “More to come… exactly how much more is tough to say. These strips were only possible due to the enormous talent of my good friend Seung Kim, who did the animation for the old show – and he’s a busy guy. Thanks to him and thanks to Charlamagne for putting these out for me while I get my instagram act together.”

To check out the first 13 panels of the return, head to C tha God’s IG page. Or, just keep scrolling…

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