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On The Rise: Da Broski Kay – Fugitive

If you don’t know who Da Broski Kay is your loss. Da Broski Kay is a Rapper from the Slums of Barnwell County SC. Since his last mixtape, Nobody’s safe which was released early 2017 Kay has been charged with Drag racing in Bloomingdale Ga long with another unknown suspect. Also, Kay has been charged with assault and battery first degree, which is classified in S.C as code 16-3-600. After being out on probation and having to take a couple driving courses Kay still faced 10 years In prison. In August of 2018 a whole year after the assault, Kay’s lawyer Tim Moore was able to get Kay’s charges dropped down to assault and battery third degree with Kay only having to take anger management classes and all court fees.

While going that Kay tells us he’s been going through family problems and also relationships problems and so all of that pain and trials Kay went though he says he wrote it all in his music & hope that his fans can feel where’s he coming from. Later 2018 Kay decided to open up a Hookah lounge in his home town to move him and his ex into something nice and to be able to send her and also Kay’s little brother to school. January 2019 Kay realized that his home town wasn’t big enough for a hookah lounge to be there so Kay decided to move his business to Augusta Ga.

Kay met up with Aiyana Thomas who is also his new business partner and also best friend to Help complete Kay’s following project Fugitive which is being hosted by hustle hearted Jan 31st, 2019. Kay’s and Aiyana relationship is somewhat like PAC and Jada back in the early 90”s if you know what I mean?

You can follow Da Broski Kay on:
Instagram @DaBroskiKay
Twitter @DaBroskiKay
Snapchat @KioneInTheBando
You can also follow Aiyana on:
Twitter @AiyanaDesiree
YouTube @AiyanaDesiree
Fugitive Mixtape Coming Soon:

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